Active Camouflage is an upgrade for the Power Armor Chestplate, allowing the player to turn invisible.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


Active Camouflage, when active, renders the player invisible as if they had drank a Potion of Invisibility. However, since the player is wearing armor (which does not turn invisible with the effect), they will still be noticed by mobs. To use this module to hide from mobs, the player should wear just the torso, so that they are only noticed at a distance of one block. In PvP, however, the entire suit in rendered invisible, aside from whatever the player is holding.

A tiny amount of energy is consumed (50 J every 15 seconds) to maintain invisibility, making it a good idea to bind it to a key to toggle it on and off when desired to prevent constant power loss.

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