The antimatter missile is the missile form of Antimatter Explosives. It is tier 4, so it can only be launched successfully using a tier 3 (blue) missile launcher. The missile is very expensive but it is definitely worth it for annihilating an enemy base.


The player can make an antimatter missile by combining an Antimatter Explosives with a Missile Module on a crafting table. The missile is very expensive, bearing in mind the cost of building a Particle Accelerator and powering it.


The antimatter missile, arguably being the most destructive missile in the modpack, is deadly to bases, especially those which haven't been fitted with an anti-missile system. To make sure that your whole year's work won't be wasted on being shot down by an enemy missile or EMP Tower - you should send some low-cost Conventional Missiles first, to be shot down. This will waste your enemy's Anti-Ballistic Missiles and Energy, until, after about 20 missiles shot down, the enemy will run out of time for charging his anti-missile systems. You will then be able to fire your precious antimatter missile at him without the fear of it being shot down, or even worse, recovered by your enemy.


Written by: MimiKal777 (Sorry, I don't have an email and therefore I can't sign in D:)

-- 14:42, September 17, 2015 (UTC)

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