Atomic Assembler
Atomic Assembler
Type Machine
Input Voltage 120v
Capacity 6 x Strange Matter

Stackable Item

Consumption Strange Matter
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 3786
Mod Included Atomic Science

The Atomic Assembler is a machine which can duplicate certain items.


By using Strange Matter, the Atomic Assembler can duplicate items after 180 seconds (three minutes). As harvesting Strange Matter is somewhat simple with a fully functional Particle Accelerator, it can be useful for replicating rarer items. The Atomic Assembler requires six Strange Matter and a power source to function, but only five of them will decay over time. A single Strange Matter can be used in 64 replications before it is fully consumed, allowing you to create an entire stack of replicated items.

Known Compatible ItemsEdit

  • Metal Ingots
  • Raw Materials (Diamonds, Redstone Dust, Coal etc)
  • Food Items
  • Compass
  • Clock
  • Eye of Ender
  • Atomic Science Machine Blocks
  • Galacticraft Machine Blocks
  • Modular Force Field Machine Blocks
  • Pressurised Tube
  • Universal Cable
  • Mechanical Pipe


Crafting GUI.png

Elite Circuit

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Elite Circuit


Steel Plate

Elite Circuit

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Atomic Assembler


Atomic Assembler GUI

To use the machine, open the GUI for the Atomic Assembler and put the object you want to duplicate in the centre slot, surrounding it with Strange Matter. All Strange Matter except for the lowest slot will decay with every round of replication.

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