This article is a fan-made tutorial.
Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

One of the most important rules of Voltz is that war generally favors the attacker. Going on the attack before people know you're there is the way to go. Always keep in mind that you should begin your Voltz career 'nomadically,' never staying in one place for too long. Until you have the resources to generate and maintain a reasonably large forcefield, I would strongly recommend that you stick to one-block generators and simpler missile launchers.

Here are a few tips for keeping mobile:

-Use energy cubes. Despite their greater expense, they can be picked up with their energy still retained, making them into convenient portable batteries.

-Dig bunkers at around block height 20-5. If you don't have the time to dig a bunker, consider simply hollowing out a mountain for a few days.

-When abandoning a base, consider leaving some resources behind. Let people know this is your base, so your enemies will think they've damaged your enterprise.

-Try to stay near lava. While it may seem like a hazard, lava can run your heat generators and make obsidian, which can be refined into easily the best non-electrical armor in the pack.

Good luck and godspeed.

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