Chemical Extractor
Chemical Extractor
Type Machine
Input Voltage 120v
Capacity 5000 ml Water (5 Buckets)

64 x Water Cell
64 x Empty Cell/Uranium Ore
64 x Deuterium Cell/Yellowcake

Consumption Water

Empty Cell
Uranium Ore

Electricity 140kJ per cycle
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 3779
Mod Included Atomic Science

The Chemical Extractor produces Deuterium Cells and Yellowcake.


This machine is used to extract Deuterium from water. It requires power, Empty Cells and can be manually loaded with water or connected up to an Electric Pump to pump water in from an infinite water source. Deuterium cells are used to power Fusion Reactors. One cell of Deuterium is produced per Empty Cell.

It can also produce Yellowcake from Uranium Ore, which can be loaded into a Nuclear Boiler. Using a Chemical Extractor produces two or three Yellowcake per ore, which is more efficient at producing more Uranium Hexafluoride and later uranium products rather than processing ore directly in a Nuclear Boiler.


Crafting GUI.png

Bronze Ingot


Bronze Ingot

Steel Plate

Elite Circuit

Steel Plate

Bronze Ingot


Bronze Ingot

Chemical Extractor


Chemical Extractor GUI

From left to right

  1. Water supply, either Water Cells/Water Buckets can be loaded or Mechanical Pipe can be used to connect the extractor to a pump.
  2. Loading slot, up to 64 Empty Cells or Yellowcake can be stored.
  3. Battery slot, alternatively Universal Cable can be used to connect the extractor the a generator or Energy Cube.
  4. Deuterium/Yellowcake output slot, a maximum of 64 Yellowcake/Deuterium Cells can be created and held.


  • In earlier versions of Voltz, a separate machine was used for producing Deuterium, known as the Deuterium Extractor. This has now been combined into a single machine for both uses.

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