Coke OvenEdit

A coke oven is an hollow 3*3 structure made with Coke oven brick .

You can make this from 26 of these bricks, each requiring 4 bricks and 5 sand.

That means you need 130 sand and 104 bricks. That's 2 stacks + 2 blocks of sand and 1 stack and 40 bricks.

2012-12-30 18.22.08

Coke Oven

To get rid of the creosote, you have to place a bottle or bucket in the upper right slot.

Usage/ GUIEdit

Coke ovens are used to make Coal Cokes and Creosote oil .


2012-12-30 18.22.30

GUI Coke Oven

you use a coke oven by putting coal on the left side.

Coke will come out next to the arrow. You collect the Creosote oil by putting a bucket or glass bottles (of which you can stack) in the top right.

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