Crusher GUI

The Crusher's GUI

The Crusher crushes normal ingots into dust,
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The Crusher

Also clumps into dirty dusts which need to be processed further in the Enrichment Chamber. If you have played Tekkit before, it is quite similar to the IndustrialCraft macerator . However, it only creates 1 dust, so it does not make it beneficial on its own but with a Purification Chamber used first you can make your ores go further.

The Crusher is also used to make Biofuel , put any bio matter into it (Wheat,Seeds,Saplings Etc.) and it will crush it to make your fuel.

Wheat and saplings will give 2 biofuel each whereas seeds only 1.

The Crusher needs to be connected to your power supply. A glitch in an older version of voltz made crushers create two dust from one ingot, which gives the ability to have infinite ingots.


Crusher Recipe

Crusher Recipe (oddsoul)

Ingredients Required:

  • Steel Casing
  • 4 Pieces of Redstone
  • 2 Buckets of Lava
  • 2 Control Circuits or Basic Circuits.


To Hook up the Crusher you need a basic hook up. You should only need the following to power the crusher.

Basic Hookup

Basic Hookup (Oddsoul)

Basic Equipment:

The Crusher needs a Base voltage of 120v. A simple setup like the above figure will power the Crusher.


The following Ores can be crushed:

  • Iron Ingots
Iron Dust

Iron Dust

  • Gold Ingots
Gold Dust

Gold Dust

  • Platinum Ingots
Platinum Dust

Platinum Dust

  • Obsidian Ingots
Obsidian Dust

Obsidian Dust

  • Refined Steel Ingot
Refined Steel Dust

Refined Steel Dust

  • Diamonds
Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust