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This article is a fan-made tutorial written by Dcon930.
Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

This is a Strategy guide. For my home page, click here.

In this guide, I am detailing a strategy for war with several mods, each of which has the potential for massive destruction.


  • ICBM
  • Power Armor
  • Mekanism


This strategy is based on sending a small force at a time, armed with only a pick and some explosives.  These soldiers mine in, blast the enemy, and then git.  Then, a larger force comes in, kills the weakened defenders, and then- ooh, look, a hole from the explosive for troops to charge blindly into.


Not dependent on any uncontrollable variable




May require many attacks to get in

Can be resource-expensive, also faces the same problems faced by any large army

Tell me what you think, I look forward to seeing your comments!

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