This article is a fan-made tutorial written by Dcon930.
Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

This is a Strategy guide. For my home page, click here.

In this guide, I am detailing a strategy for war with several mods, each of which has the potential for massive destruction.


  • The entire voltz pack


This strategy involves swarming the enemy in one huge wave. The most successful attack against a fortress would consist of soldiers wielding weapons as wildly diverse as MPS power tools and rocket launchers. This strategy depends on as many soldiers as possible, possibly backed up by ICBMs and railguns, launching one huge attack at the enemy base. It works best on a Fortress or a hidden base.

Pros Edit

  • Can hit where missiles cannot
  • Doesn't necessarily destroy enemy structures
  • Can be used more than once, while losing relatively little of its power

Cons Edit

  • Requires a lot of resources
  • While attack is going, you're defenseless
  • Can be decimated by a single ICBM

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