Voltz Tutorial - Hydrogen Generator With TacticalLion-003:20

Voltz Tutorial - Hydrogen Generator With TacticalLion-0

TacticalLion's tutorial on the Hydrogen Generator with the Electrolytic Separator

The Electrolytic Separator is often used in conjunction with the Hydrogen Generator to separate the water into two elements. There are some configuration options in the latest version of Voltz, 1.1.3, such as a dump feature which allows the player to dump the selected gas out of the separator, leaving the Storage Tank and Gas tank useless.

How To UseEdit

The separator is placed in front of the Hydrogen Generator or selected machine with the hole facing the machine. Use a Pump to pump water to the separator which will create hydrogen for the Hydrogen Generator. Both the separator and pump will need to be powered.

Powering InfoEdit

The separator needs to be powered before it will function. Most people often use a battery to start it, then connect the Hydrogen Generator to it to create a sustainable system. The separator accepts 120 voltage, while the generator produces 240 voltage. You will need a 120 Voltage Transformer.

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