Elite Energy Cube
No Image
Type Energy Storage
Output Voltage 240v
Capacity 32MJ
Stackable No
Data Value 3004
Mod Included Mekanism

The Elite Energy Cube is the second largest energy storage block available.


Elite Energy Cubes have an even larger internal storage and discharge at the same voltage as Advanced Energy Cube.

Energy produced by generators can be stored in energy cubes for later use, they accept Universal Electricity, BuildCraft or Industrial Craft energy by connecting other generators and machines to them with Universal Cable. Cubes can accept power through the seven green faces, and release energy through the grey face. Energy cubes can also draw power from items placed within them or be used to recharge electric items.


Used InEdit

Ultimate Energy Cube


Accessing the energy cube's GUI will display the total amount of power stored. The energy cube has two slots, + and -. Items placed in the + slot will be recharged by the cube, while items placed in the - slot will be drained of their power.

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