Fulmination generators are used to create power from explosions.


You need a cube of generator blocks (from 1x1x1 [1 block next to the explosion] to a 7x7x7 cube. You also need a water source blocks within the cube to prevent it blowing up the generators. You need a 240v transformer to store the power in a advanced bat box


How to BuildEdit

In order to build a fulmination generator, you need to build a cube of your choice that has a hollow center. After constructing your cube, put water in the center in order to prevent anything from getting destroyed. Make sure there is a hole in the top for throwing explosives in. And then just put wires on all of the fulmination generators and connect them to your battery boxes and energy cubes. Then, just throw antimatter/grenades into the centre. There's your fulmination generator!

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