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The Gun Turret from the ICBM mod is a defense item used to autonomously attack hostile mobs and other players. The Gun Turret must be placed on a powered Turret Platform and supplied with Bullets for it to function. One shot from a Gun Turret deals 1.5 heartsHeartHalf Heart of damage.


There are three menus:

  1. The first one is the terminal menu. Type help in the console of the turret to see its commands.
  2. The second one is the access menu. There you can set players on a whitelist and change their rights to use commands or put ammo in or out of the turret. Players which are not on the whitelist will be shot, in addition to hostile mobs.
  3. The third menu is the ammo menu where you can place ammo and upgrades.


Crafting GUI.png

Steel Ingot

Control Circuit

Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot

Gun Turret

Terminal CommandsEdit

1) add <player name> - add a player as a user - this will prevent them being shot, and give them basic access

2) remove <player name> - removes player from the system - they will be shot at.

Note: You will not be able to remove users that are the same level as you.

You can also promote and demote users to give different layers of access.

By using "destroy", the gun turret and gun will turn into item form.

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