Heat-Generator setup
2013-02-22 22.16.05

Row of heat generators - Lava is below

The heat generator produces energy from lava beneath it or from a lava bucket or coal inserted in the left slot, which is much like a geothermal generator from IndustrialCraft. Each generator can hold about 160.0 kJ worth of energy on its own.

It produces: 13.33 Amps, 120 Volts and 1.6 KiloWatts

Since it does not use steel in its crafting recipe, it may be the best starting generator. However, it does have disadvantages; you must find lava first, which is dangerous, and the lava may spawn fireballs if placed under.
Voltz Heat Genorator01:04

Voltz Heat Genorator

One lava bucket provides 200 kJ of energy when placed inside the generator.

The heat generator will commonly take around 8-10 minutes for it to reach maximum power output.

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