The Hypersonic Missile is a more powerful version of the sonic missile, putting it in tier 3. The missile sucks up blocks, mobs and fallen items and sends them high into the air, it is dangerous even if you don't get flung up into the air by the explosion because you can get hit by a falling block.

They are crafted by combining a missile module with a Hypersonic Explosive.


Hypersonic missiles can cause significant damage to the surrounding environment and really damage the visual look of your world. Although that wont matter if you are waging war upon your friends. 

When someone is hit by a falling block and dies, the game says:

"<YourName>" was squashed by a falling block.

You can also be killed by being flung high into the air, taking fall damage upon landing.

Crafting GUI.png

Missile Module

Sonic Explosive

Sonic Missile

2013-03-30 22.34.13

Hypersonic Explosive

2013-03-30 22.33.52

Hypersonic Explosion

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