The Kinetic Generator is a module upgrade for the Power Armor Leggings. It allows the wearer to recharge power armor while walking.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


The main use of the Kinetic generator is to ensure your armor never runs out of power, even far away from your base, as you can just walk until it is recharged. The amount of power varies with the weight of the module; each kilogram of weight generates 250J of power every 5 block walked, up to a maximum of 4kg and 1KJ every 5 blocks. The minimum weight is 1kg.

The Kinetic Generator will recharge any piece of power armor that needs additional power (and even IndustrialCraft 2 power tools), so you do not have to have a battery installed on the legs.

The Kinetic Generator can be useful when using the Sprint Assist module, as the generator will cancel out the power usage of the increased speed.

The main alternative to the Kinetic Generator for recharging your armor is the Solar Generator on the Power Armor Helmet. The Solar Generator however cannot be used underground or at night, so the Kinetic Generator is more reliable as a fail safe. The Solar Generator however does not use as much weight.

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