Laser Designator
Laser Designator
Type Electric Item
Stackable No
Data Value 4165
Mod Included ICBM

The Laser Designator is an item in ICBM mod used for launching an Air Strike from remote location if paired with one or more Launcher Platforms with a Launcher Control Panel T3.


After being charged it can be set to a frequency by right clicking on T3 Launcher Control Panel if its frequency is set in 1-9999 range. After that when you right click anywhere while within range of the launchers it will set a light beam where your cursor and start a 5 second countdown visible on your screen after which missile will be launched. If used with 2 or more launchers, every other missile will be launched with 5 second delay that will not be visible as the first one to prevent mid-air collisions.

Keep in mind that designators will only work with a Launcher Control Panel T3, as they are the only ones that have a frequency option, tier of everything else is irrelevant. As with Radar Gun, accuracy is dependant on missile launcher accuracy, specifically the tier of its Launcher Support Frame.

A Laser Designator can hold a maximum of 80kJ and must be powered in order to call in a missile strike.


Crafting GUI.png

Radar Gun

Elite Circuit

Remote Detonator

Laser Designator