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The launchers from left to right: Tier one (Green) Tier 2 (Red) Tier 3 (Blue)

     Launcher Platform is the basic frame block used for launching missiles in ICBM mod. Besides its normal ability to launch missiles, higher tiers allows larger variety of missiles to be launched, and increase their maximum range,


Like the missiles/explosives, launchers also come in tiers. Better tier launchers do not provide better accuracy, Launcher Support Frames are used for that. Instead higher tiers of Launcher Platforms increase range of the missiles.

Launching a missile requires a Launcher Platform, missile, Control Panel (powered with current depending on pannel tier), a redstone current/pulse into the panel and Target Coordinates.

You can only launch missiles of the tier of the launcher platform or lower. For instance, you can not launch a T2 missile from a T1 launcher. The only exception is that a T3 launcher can launch red matter missiles and Antimatter missiles even though they are T4 missiles (NOTE: This is not applied atm, you can launch any missile from any launcher. Tested in 1.0.13).

Laucher Plaftorms provide range as it follows:

  • T1 - 199 blocks
  • T2 - 499 blocks
  • T3 - 9,999 blocks

Missiles can be remotely launched by using a Laser Designator for Tier 3 Control Panels Only.

To sync a Laser Designator you must set the Launchers Frequency in the Control Panel's GUI, once done right click with the Laser Designator on the Launcher Control Panel.

Designators are usable within 100 blocks of the Launcher with a range of 200 blocks giving you a maximum range of 300 meters. Designators can be set to a shared frequency which will let you fire all Missiles from all launchers on the same frequency. There is an inbuilt delay to prevent mid-flight collisions of your missiles.

You can automatically replenish your missiles in launcher by using Manipulators and Conveyor Belts from any of 8 available sides of the launcher (6 with Control Panel and Support Frame). Beware that if launcher already has a missile, new one will just drop on the ground.

NOTE: Designators do NOT affect Accuracy.

Video TutorialEdit

Explosives, Grenades, Missiles (ICBM) Voltz Tutorial Part 2 Two In One!? 09:48

Explosives, Grenades, Missiles (ICBM) Voltz Tutorial Part 2 Two In One!?

Missile Launchers and Grenades!

Tutorials and Testing:                

Voltz Show Tutorial build a missile station 19:38

Voltz Show Tutorial build a missile station



Launcher Platform T1

Launcher Platform T2

Launcher Platform T3

Used InEdit

Cruise Launcher 

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