Melee Assist is an upgrade for the Power Fist.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


Melee Assist increases the damage and/or knockback dealt using melee attacks (left-clicking), allowing the player to kill mobs with fewer strikes than would normally be needed. The module can be modified at the Tinker Table - Impact increases the damage while Carry-Through increases the knockback.


  • Minimum energy consumption: 10 J
  • Minimum damage: 2
  • Minimum knockback: 0 P
  • Energy consumption per additional damage point: 12.5 J (need 100 J to maximize damage)
  • Energy consumption per additional knockback point: 20 J (need 20 J to maximize knockback)
  • Maximum energy consumption: 130 J
  • Maximum damage: 10
  • Maximum knockback: 1 P (roughly as strong as Knockback II)

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