Modular ForceField Expansion or Modular ForceField System (MFFS) is a mod used in Voltz for defending properties or areas of importance using different mediums such as forcefields and other more subtle ways, such as security stations. But enough for the introduction. Lets dive in!

Setting Up PowerEdit

MFFS uses its own power measurement called Force Energy. This can be extracted from Forcicium, which in turn comes from Monazit Ore, a naturally spawning ore which is about as common as iron, or using an Admin card (If you are using an admin card, skip the next step). You put your Forcicium in an MFFS extractor and power it with electricity and redstone* and it should start extracting power.

  • Do note that you can change the "on" switch type by clicking the top right square in the GUI for the extractor.*

Once you have your power, connect it to an MFFS Capacitor by right clicking on the Capacitor with a blank MFFS card, creating an MFFS card <power link>, then placing the new card in the card slot of the extractor GUI. It should start sending power from the extractor to the capacitor.

Setting Up A ForcefieldEdit

MFFS forcefields require 3 main components. They are the MFFS Emitter, Capacitor and Extractor, note that it is usually more efficient for the Extractor to be in contact with the Capacitor, and the Emitter in contact with the Capacitor.

Before powering the devices, you must first link them with a Blank MFFS card, these may be crafted by surrounding a Basic circuit with paper. (All crafting recipes can be found in the NEI menu in the game, simply hover your cursor over the item and hit "r", if you have reconfigured your controls this may be different however). To link the machines, Right click with blank card in hand upon the Capacitor, the card will then change into a MFFS card <power link>, you then take this card and place it in the Extractor. This can either be done manually by opening the GUI of the Extractor, or by right clicking on it with the card in hand. You must repeat this process with all of the Extractors that you wish to link, as well as the Emitter, being sure to always right click on the Capacitor to create the card.

With your machines now linked, it is time to power them. Look on the sides of the Extractor, there will be one side with a different texture, somewhat similar to an input in a Battery Box, this is where you plug the machine into. An Emitter will run on any voltage, and will take electricity from a Battery Box, Energy Cube, or any form of electricity generator or storage device. Then, right click and open the GUI of the Extractor, Inside, above a large square with a picture of forcicium inside it, there will be a slot to place forcicium. The large square will turn green, and this green color will slowly decrease as the forcicium is used up. The Extractor also has redstone options that can be configured, but the default requires a redstone signal on the device for it to function, this may be created by placing a lever on any side of the Emitter, or by any other redstone device.

The Capacitor, once the Extractor is functioning, should be charging. To find out your current FE, there is a bar at the bottom, with a number next to it. Each "charge" from the Extractor will increase that number by 8000, and the Emitter will draw power depending upon the amount of forcefield "blocks" it is projecting, and the usage of upgrades that may be used.

The Emitter, like the Extractor, requires a redstone signal to activate the forcefield, there are also several upgrade slots. The first one, above the MFFS card <power link> designates the shape of the force field, there must be one of these in the device at all times or it will not work. There is also a blue outlined slot (for distance upgrades) and a green outlined slot (for strength upgrades). Below them are slots for additional upgrades, the usage of which follows.

  • Touch Damage: A upgrade that causes damage to any entity that comes in contact with the Field
  • Sponge: A device used to remove water and lava from the Field
  • Field Manipulator: Allows for manipulation of the cube field shape rather than using the Adv.cube
  • Block Breaker: A tool allowing the Field to automatically destroy any blocks that are in the way of the forcefields generation.
  • Distance: A device allowing the extension of the forcefield, making it larger. Note that the cards can stack (64) and each card will expand the field by a one block radius, in addition to the default field distance.
  • Strength: Increases the distance from the projector (note distance is perpendicular to the way it is facing)
  • Defense Station: Deals damage to anyone who is not permitted to be in the forcefield (Permission is granted by use of the Security Station)
  • NPC Defense: Damages all NPC's within the forcefield, very nice if a base is in the nether, as this keeps it free of pigmen.
  • Force Field Jammer: Stops other forcefields from breaking though yours. Without this, someone else could set up a forcefield with block breaker and break anything inside your base.
  • Camouflage: Allows for the forcefield to look like any block (placed in the centre of the gui) default is invisible.
  • Field Fusion: Allows for multiple fields to merge, creating only a wall on the outside rather than within, this allows for very complex shapes to be made.

There are also upgrades specific to the capacitor and extractor.


  • Extractor Booster: Used to increase the speed of turning forcicium into FE.


  • Range: Increase the Range of the capacitors transmission (Note: each one doubles the range).

Other Devices

MFFS Security Storage: This is a 1 high block that has storage of a large chest by linking to the security station it is possible to then lock the chest, (using the on/off switch of the multitool) the chest is locked if the dot in the middle is red. when locked the chest can only be destroyed by tier 4 explosions or one of the people permitted to in the security station.

MFFS Security Station: The Security station is a must, it requires no energy and allows you to limit the access of your mffs machines and items stored within as well as access to your forcefield. To use this first get the multi tool and witch to the ID encoder (done by shift right-clicking) then with a blank MFFS card in your inventory, right click (into empty space) this will generate a personal ID,  placing this in the admin/master slot, then allows use of the station. (the sides now change to a coloured image).  Other peoples personal ID's can be encoded with rights that you feel appropriate by using the station, as well as cards that give certain rights to the holder but for limited time. Further linking a machine to the station requires right-clicking with a blank mffs card on the station and then on the machine you wish to link (similar to how you link the capacitor) Note: some machines can not be linked.

MFFS Converter, a device used to convert FE back into U.E. Considering the impressive capacity of MFFS Capacitor, these may be used in tandem to provide a compact method of storing U.E.

MFFS Control system: The control system allows you to control your MFFS equipment without n eeding to be at them. using the ID encoder function of the multi tool, right click on a machine ou wish to control remotely, then put this in the main slot of the Control System, this allows you to turn it off and on (the machine that you are controling must be set to this (the 3rd option in the top right) as well as to open up a gui.

MFFS Multitool Shift right click to change between the states (when not looking at a block):

  • Wrench; Used to rotate or move MFFS units, which are indestructible unless using this tool or in Gamemode 1.
  • Switch; Used to turn machines on and off (provide they are set to switch and not redstone or Control System)
  • Field Teleporter; If you have a security system and have the right this will allow you to teleport though a forcefield. However this does use alot more FE than normal operation so if you are doing it regualy, a door would be a better option.
  • Personal ID and Data Link Encoder; used to make personal ID's for the Security system, and data links for the Control System (by rightclicking either a machine or a empty space)
  • Guide; Very Usefull as it explains alot about the MFFS system.

MFFS Infinite Power Card: A infinite source of power for admins to make use of when creating Forcefields.

Compact Forcecium Chip: A highly compact method of storing Forcecium for use in an Extractor. The chip may be inserted in the slot with the picture of a chip, which will then cause the Extractor to run as with regular forcicium. It has a 1000 Forcicium capacity.

Thank You


Edit: Whitelock

Power Setup and Introduction: Kodahigh

Link for VideoEdit

Minecraft Voltz - How to set up a MFFS Forcefield Updated04:50

Minecraft Voltz - How to set up a MFFS Forcefield Updated

This mod video was made by Fourth Sail.

Video found by Kyler Seely.

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