Modular Power Suits
Modular Power Suits
Modder MachineMuse
Latest Version v0.6.0
Recommend v0.2.0.23
Website Machine Muse
Download Machine Muse

Modular Powersuits is a mod based around an inventor/engineer who 'tinkers' and experiments with high-tech electronics and manages to create a suit of armour with many gadgets and features.

Before you do anything, you'll need a Tinker Table and at least one part of the Powersuit - Helmet/Torso(Chestplate)/Legs/Boots/Powertool. The power armour is virtually useless without the tinker table, as when you have at least one part of the power armour in your inventory when you right click on the tinker table, it'll show you all the possible upgrades and features you can add onto that specific part.

Modular Powersuits are compatible with the Universal Electricity pack, (what Voltz is surrounded on) Industrial Craft 2, soon Buildcraft, and itself with no other mods.

Power Armor PiecesEdit

Useful TipsEdit

  • If your total weight exceeds 25kg, your movement will be drastically slowed, this includes horizontal as well as vertical movement. You can however, compensate by installing various mods such as sprint assist.
  • Salvaging has a 10% chance of losing each component that's been used to upgrade any part of the suit/tool. You will NOT lose the powersuit part, just the components used for the upgrade.
  • Space bar is used to fly using the Jetpack and shift deploys the parachute or glider. These are, however, the default controls and may be changed.
  • Your powersuit is USELESS without a tinker table, it is strongly recommended you make one before creating any powerarmour.
  • The full suit is not necessary to benefit from a specific upgrade; for example, all that is required to use a jetpack is the chestpiece.

Tutorials Edit

Voltz Tutorials EP 1; MMMPowerSuite-306:44

Voltz Tutorials EP 1; MMMPowerSuite-3

Voltz Tutorials EP 1; MMMPowerSuite

Voltz Tutorials Ep08:18

Voltz Tutorials Ep. 6 - Power Armour Components (Part 1 2)

Power Armour Components

Voltz Tutorials Ep12:59

Voltz Tutorials Ep. 7 - Power Armour and Modifications (Part 2 2)

Power Armour, how to make and use it

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