Modular Powersuits
Author(s) MachineMuse
Version 0.3.0-178
Website Homepage
Minecraft Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge

Modular Powersuits is a mod that adds powered armor and tools. This armor can be modified by using different modules which add special abilities, with the tradeoff that some items also add weight to the powersuit. If the player's equipped armor totals more than 25kg then extra weight above that slows down movement speed, making it harder to run or even impossible to swim against a water current.

One of the biggest perks of modifying your power suit are the utilities, such as breathing underwater, running faster, and flying. It is advised to be well stocked up on redstone, iron, and ender pearls before you start modifying your armor as a LOT of these materials will be needed.

Modular Powersuits is compatible with all energy storage in this modpack. At the moment this mod is in a very early stage (v0.3.0-178), meaning that there may be major changes to it in the future.

Pressing 'K' (by default) will open up the key configurations menu for this mod.

The power indicator is now a vertical bar on the right side of the screen, to the left of the new heat bar. The heat bar will fill up with the use of modules, some modules filling it up more than others. The heat will slowly dissipate. If the heat exceeds the bar then the player is set on fire. While water will cool the player down faster, it will not extingush the fire and if the player is killed by it then a custom death message is shown.

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