The moon is now reachable, thanks to the Galacticraft mod.


You can reach the moon using either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Rocket.



Cheese ore: when mined, give you cheese curds, which can then be crafted into cheese.

Tin and Aluminium - moon varieties of these two ores can be found on the moon.

Generated StructuresEdit

Moon villages - large domes are used as houses, which have 4 open doors and a torches. It is worth noting that moon Zombies do not attack moon Villagers. You can also find tree farms, which have saplings/trees, water, and standard dirt (the type found on Earth)

Moon dungeons - the entrances are found in craters left by meterorites, and resemble small Overworld dungeons. The boss is an evolved skeleton boss, who, as well as wielding 2 bows, can pick you up and throw you. It is also far taller than the player. When killed, drops a key, which can unlock the loot chest, and a large amount of XP.

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