Night Vision is an upgrade for the Power Armor Helmet. It provides the player with the Night Vision potion effect as long as the module is active.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


Night Vision allows the player to see as if they had drank a vanilla Potion of Night Vision. Dark places, such as in caves and out at night, will appear almost as bright as day, allowing the player to see without having to place torches or crank up the Brightness setting in the Options menu. This does however make it difficult to tell which areas are bright enough that mobs won't spawn.

It does require a small amount of energy (5 J/t, or 100 J/s) to remain active, therefore it is a good idea to create a key binding to disable the module when not needed (i.e. during the day, in your house, in a lit cave).


  • As of 2.0.4, night vision will not work on the space station or on the moon, instead causing the view to become pitch black until the effects wear off.
  • Night vision works in the Nether, but a strong red glow is visible while it is active.
  • When night vision is active, looking at water through force fields created by the Modular Forcefield System mod will show the land behind or under the water, but not the water itself.

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