Platinum Compressor

The Osmium Compessor is a part of the Mekanisim Mod. Read below for information on usage.

It Consumes 120v and is used to combine Osmium with different dusts.


Crafting GUI.png




Control Circuit

Steel Casing

Control Circuit




Osmium Compressor

GUI and I/OEdit


I know it says Platinum Compressor. There was an update changing it to Osmium.

The GUI of the Osmium Compressor is simple to use.

The Upgrade box allows for different upgrades:

  • Speed Upgrade
  • Energy Upgrade
  • Ultimate Upgrade

The Power box is used if you only have a portable power source. Such as a Battery

1st Input is where you place your dust of choice:

  • Glowstone Dust
Glowstone Dust
  • Obsidian Dust
Obsidian Dust
  • Redstone Dust
Redstone dust

2nd Input is where you will place your Osmium Ingot.

Platinum Ingot

The ingot is instantly absorbed by the machine and awaits the 1st input dust.

And the Output is where you will get the corresponding ingot:

  • Glowstone Ingot
Glowstone Ingot
  • Obsidian Ingot
Obsidian Ingot
  • Redstone Ingot
Redstone Ingot

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