2013-02-26 08.49.42

osmium ore on the outside. ingot in the middle

Osmium is an essential material in Mekanism. It can be found at any height underground in veins ranging from 2 to 8 Osmium Ore blocks, some may be found diagonal to another. You can obtain it's ingots by either putting the ore block directly into a furnace like you would iron, or, more efficiently, you can put it into an Enrichment Chamber to get two of its dust form, and then put them into a furnace to get two Osmium Ingots. It can also be used to make armor and weapons. Even more efficiently, the player can place the ore in a Purification Chamber, which will return 3 Osmium Clumps, which are then placed in the Crusher (producing dirty osmium dust) and finally the Enrichment Chamber to return 3 dusts per ore. This process uses the most power, but returns 3 bars per ore.

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