Big list o' modsEdit

List of all mods that are in the recent versions of Voltz. Version numbers apply to the latest version.

Rei's Minimap v3.3_06

Atomic Science v0.6.2.117

ExtrabiomesXL v3.13.4

ICBM Contraption v1.2.1.172

ICBM Explosion v1.2.1.172

ICBM Sentry v1.2.1.172

immibis-core v55.1.6 (dependency)

immibis-microblocks 55.0.7

InventoryTweaks v1.54b

MekanismGenerators v5.5.6.bugfix1

MekanismTools v5.5.6.bugfix1

Mekanism v5.5.6.bugfix

MFFS v3.1.0.175

MineFactoryReloaded 2.6.4-975

ModularPowersuits 0.7.0-534

MPSA 0.2.3-144_MPS-531+ (Add-on for Modular Powersuits)


CodeChickenCore (dependency)

CoFHCore (dependency)


PowerCrystalsCore 1.1.6-107 (dependency for Modular Powersuits)

Galacticraft 1.5.2-a0.1.36.410


Assembly Line

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