The Oxygen Compressor is a machine added by Galacticraft. Its main purpose is to fill Oxygen Tanks so surviving in space is possible.This is necessary when staying in a Space Station or on another planet for extended periods of time.
File:2013-06-11 16.51.12.png


To fill an Oxygen Compressor you must first craft one (see below). Once crafted, you must connect it to a supply of oxygen which can be produced by an Oxygen Collector , and distributed by Oxygen Pipes to the side with the grey circle. Once supplied with Oxygen, a power source must be connected to the side with the blue square. Now just put an Oxygen Tank in the output slot on the bottom right to fill the tank.


An Oxygen Compressor is crafted using six Lead Ingots (Steel if you're using Basic Components), an Oxygen Concentrator, a Machine Block, and a Reception Coil.

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