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The Particle Accelerator is a block that will consume "matter" to emit a particle. If this particle is contained and directed within a "tube" of either Electromagnets or Electromagnet Glass which is called either a Large Hadron Collider or a Linear Hadron Collider  Hadron Collider it will eventually accelerate fast enough to become Antimatter. If the particle leaves the "tube" then it will explode, with a small chance of producing Strange Matter

Crafting Edit

Use Edit

The Particle Accelerator must be placed at the end, or corner, of a "tube" made of either Electromagnet or Electromagnet Glass blocks; the blocks are placed so that they surround an empty space which the Particle Accelerator is at the end of. The tube can be either linear (a straight line) or a large ring. If not properly surrounded at any point, the particle will explode, this explosion being larger the more it has accelerated before being disrupted. It's worth noting that while blocks can be placed in the path of the particle, causing it to explode on impact, it passes through entities with no ill effect.

The Particle Accelerator requires four more things to function: power, Empty Cells to store the Antimatter, any sort of block as matter and a Redstone signal to activate. While the Particle Accelerator will work with any Voltage it becomes much more efficient the higher it is, up to its maximum input of 480V. Empty Cells, once made, are loaded into the bottom-left slot of the Particle Accelerator UI and are used to create 200mg Antimatter, which is placed in the slot next to them. Matter goes into the top slot and can be literally anything (most people use Dirt or Cobblestone as it is cheap and plentiful) which is consumed to create the particle. A Redstone signal can be supplied by placing a Lever directly on the Particle Accelerator or on a block next to it (shift-right-click).

Antimatter Edit

2013-02-22 22.46.24

Instant LHC with fusion reactor powering it

To build a linear particle accelerator (no corners) requires a distance 627 blocks for the particle to travel requiring 3.1MJ (megajoules) of energy.  When including the particle accelerator block itself this collider is 628 blocks long. This is the least power consuming as it has no resistance but the materials to produce it, a minimum 1254 of either Electromagnet or Electromagnet Glass blocks, would easily negate this benefit. One of the most material effective ways to build this is a 58x58 square with an outside wall which requires 459 Electromagnet or Electromagnet Glass blocks; due to the loss of speed every time the particle hits a corner this method uses 6.1MJ (Megajoules) per Antimatter.

Strange matter Edit

Strange Matter needs a linear particle accelerator about 1-3 blocks long with an open end. At the end, the particle will simply explode creating no or minimal damage. After running for about a minute, it will have yourself strange matter. There's a chance strange matter can also be found in the rubble of a regular particle accelerator explosion.
2013-02-23 17.50.40

A simple Strange matter generator - using 4 Particle Accelerators.

YouTube Tutorial Edit

Tutorial on setup and use of anti-matter explosives [1]

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