Plasma Cannon is an upgrade for the Power Fist.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


The Plasma Cannon is a ranged explosive weapon that consumes energy. Holding the right mouse button will charge the plasma cannon (similar to charging a bow), and releasing the right mouse button will fire. The plasma ball will then travel in a straight line until it hits something - it will then explode, dealing damage. The energy consumption, damage, and destruction are proportional to how long the projectile was charged for. The weapon can be modified at the Tinker Table - Amperage increases the damage to entities hit directly by the projectile, while Voltage increases the explosion size (block destruction and damage to surrounding entities).

Beware when increasing the voltage - if you accidentally fire a charged shot at or in your house, the consequences can be severe (although not as bad as letting a creeper in your house).


  • Minimum energy consumption: 10 J/t
  • Minimum damage (full charge): 2
  • Minimum explosiveness: 0 Creeper
  • Energy consumption per additional damage point: 8.333 J/t (need 150 J/t to maximize damage)
  • Energy consumption per additional explosiveness point: 100 J/t (need 50 J/t to maximize explosiveness)
  • Maximum energy consumption: 210 J/t
  • Maximum damage (full charge): 20
  • Maximum explosiveness: 0.5 Creeper

In recent versions of the mod, a Plasma Cannon shot, even at full power set to maximum Voltage will not destroy any blocks. It is difficult to tell whether this is a bug or an intended feature.

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