Power Armor Boots
Power Armor Boots
Type Armor
Durability Variable
Capacity 20kJ-5.6MJ
Consumption Variable
Stackable No
Data Value 25029
Mod Included Modular Powersuits

The Power Armor Boots is a piece of armor added by the Modular Powersuits mod. Like all Powersuit armor, the base item is useless. Its functionality is based on customizeable upgrades installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table.

Upgrades Edit

The power boots, or power armor boots, are a part of the power armor set. It is possible to upgrade them with the following modules:


  • Iron Plating - Iron plating is heavy but protective.
  • Diamond Plating - Diamond plating is lighter, harder and more protective than Iron Plating but much harder to make.
  • Energy Shield - Energy shields are much lighter than plating, but consume energy.
  • Heat Sink - A thick layer of plating to soak up heat.



  • Jet Boots - Jet boots are not as strong as a jetpack, but they should at least be strong enough to counteract gravity.
  • Shock Absorber - With some servos, springs, and padding, you should be able to negate a portion of fall damage.


  • Radiation Shielding - Protect yourself from that pesky radiation poisoning. (Must be on every piece)


Crafting GUI.png


Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Power Armor Boots


The recipes for these addons may vary between modpacks. As the power boots will lose their charge first, it is advised to install the biggest batteries on them, and lighter ones on the other armor parts. The boots can also be given invisibility or a custom colour, or a different texture(citizen joe style).

To install modules on the different power armor parts, you must equip them and use a power armor tinker table. To charge the power armor parts, install batteries on them then place them in an MFSU, MFE, BatBox or a type of generator.

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