Power Armor Helmet
Power Armor Helmet
Type Armor
Durability Variable
Capacity 20kJ-5.6MJ
Consumption Variable
Stackable No
Data Value 25026
Mod Included Modular Powersuits

The Power Armor head is a section of the power armour which is worn on the head slot, like the other armor sections it can have a variety of extra tools added. When it is running out of power it can be placed in an energy cube to recharge, furthermore it can only be modified using the Tinker Table.



  • Iron Plating - Iron plating is heavy but protective.
  • Diamond Plating - Diamond plating is lighter, harder and more protective than Iron Plating but much harder to make.
  • Energy Shield - Energy shields are much lighter than plating, but consume energy.
  • Heat Sink - A thick layer of plating to soak up heat.



  • Water Electrolyzer - When you run out of air this attachment will jolt the water around you, electrolyzing a small bubble of air to breath from.
  • Auto-Feeder - Whenever you're hungry, this module will grab the bottom-left-most food item from your inventory and feed it to you, storing the rest for later.
  • Radiation Shielding - Protect yourself from that pesky radiation poisoning. (Must be on every piece)
  • Airtight Seal - Seal the suit against hostile atmospheres for venturing to other planets.


  • Binoculars - With the problems that have been plaguing Optifine lately, you've decided to take that Zoom ability into your own hands.
  • Night Vision - A pair of augmented vision goggles to help you see at night and underwater.


  • Flight Control - An integrated flight control system to help you hover, when active press "z" to descend as gravity will no longer pull you down.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot


Power Armor Helmet

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