Power Armor Leggings
Power Armor Leggings
Type Armor
Durability Variable
Capacity 20kJ-5.6MJ
Consumption Variable
Stackable No
Data Value 25028
Mod Included Modular Powersuits

Power Armor Leggings are a crucial component of the Modular Powersuits system and are used primarily to improve movement and wearer protection.



  • Iron Plating - Iron plating is heavy but protective.
  • Diamond Plating - Diamond plating is lighter, harder and more protective than Iron Plating but much harder to make.
  • Energy Shield - Energy shields are much lighter than plating, but consume energy.
  • Heat Sink - A thick layer of plating to soak up heat.



  • Sprint Assist - A set of servo motors to help you sprint (double-tap forwards) and walk faster.
  • Jump Assist - Another set of servo motors to help you jump higher.
  • Swim Boost - By refitting an ion thruster for underwater use, you may be able to add extra forward (or backward thrust when underwater).
  • Uphill Step Assist - A pair of dedicated servos allow you to effortlessly step up 1m-high ledges.


  • Radiation Shielding - Protect yourself from that pesky radiation poisoning. (Must be on every piece)


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Power Armor Leggings

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