Please note that this is the Voltz Wiki's article on Railgun (Modular Powersuits); if you are looking for the article on ICBM Railgun Turrets then you should head to Railgun (ICBM).

The Railgun is an upgrade for the Power Fist, equipping it with a high powered weapon.


This module is installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table and requires the following items:


The Railgun is potentially one of the most powerful weapons usable by the Power Fist, producing a large kickback and generates heat when fired. Even at minimum (500 Newtons, 500 J) the recoil is noticeable, while the absolute maximum (3000 Newtons, 3 kJ) will send the user flying backwards. It is highly recommended that the player either braces themselves against a wall or fits the Shock Absorber, Parachute Module or Jetpack. Target mobs will also be pushed backwards from the shot and can kill any regular mob at full power in a single hit. Unlike the Plasma Cannon, the Railgun can fire at maximum power without a charge time, but is fixed to its set voltage.

Repeated use will also generate a lot of heat, fitting Heat Sinks and a Cooling Generator is advisable to prevent overheating. The amount of heat produced per shot varies on the voltage it is set at, ranging between 5-30 units.

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