The red matter missile is the missile form of the Red Matter Explosives; being a tier 4 missile, it can only be launched successfully using a tier 3 (blue) Missile Launcher. This is the most expensive missile in the modpack, but it is amazing at destroying bases.


The player can craft the red matter missile by combining a Missile Module with Red Matter Explosives in the crafting table. It is very expensive, but definitely worth it.


To get the best destruction results, set off a red matter explosive about 20 blocks under you're enemy's base and run away. The wormhole will start to suck up the blocks around it, eventually digging up to the enemy base. At this point, the hole will be at its max of blocks per second, eating away the enemy base in no longer than 5 minutes (for standard sized bases, about 40x40). The only way to stop the wormhole is by letting it suck in an activated Antimatter Explosives.


Written by MimiKal777 (I don't have an email yet D:)

-- 17:31, September 16, 2015 (UTC)

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