Terrain reverted by a Rejuvenation Missile fired from a launcher.

The Rejuvenation Missile does not cause explosive damage, but rather reverts its blast radius to the original setup specified in the seed. (In simpler terms, it returns an area to its starting point.) Using this missile against an any player-made structures or objects will cause them to disappear from the world completely. No blocks will be dropped, making this missile very effective in disabling other launchers or missiles. 

This missile is very effective in reverting the damage caused by higher teir explosives, such as Red Matter Explosives or Antimatter Explosives . (Assuming a constant explosion is not active.) It will, however, not rejuvinate inventory items lost in the explosion. 

Note: Repeatedly activating Rejuvenation Missiles into an active Red Matter Explosion will cause server instability and often client crashes. 

Rejuvenation missiles can be very effective in Ore Spamming. Using this technique, ores and cobblestone are gathered from a specified area, rendering the area as a large hole. A Rejuvenation Missile is then launched into the hole, regenerating the ore that was previously mined from the area. Repeating this method can yield infinite ore of any kind. (However, due to the expensive nature of the missile, this method is difficult to repeat.)

In battle, this missile can cause damage similar to an EMP Missile . However, instead of simply disabling enemy electronics and missiles, a precise launch can cause them to disappear, without the ability to be dropped and used again. Often, this missile is seen as "less destructive" than other missiles due to its smaller blast radius. But the lack of mercy given when used makes it an effective tool to be used in a player's arsenal.

If players are in a location previously occupied by a solid block, the players will suffocate in a wall when the missile is used.

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