Launchpads play a vital part in Galacticraft.


File:Launch Pad GUI.png

Launch Pads are made using:

  • 3 x Iron Plate
  • 3 x Iron Block

This will yield 9 x Rocket Launch Pad


Rocket Launch Pad tiles are a multi-block. This means that they will not function until several of them are placed in the right shape.

To build a Launchpad, Rocket Launch Pad tiles must be placed in a 3 x 3 square. Upon placing the final piece, the Launchpad will build itself.


Once completed, your Spaceship of choice can be loaded by placing it onto any block of the launch pad, which will cause it to appear on the central block. Your ship is now ready to launch. The Fuel Loader can be attached to any side of the Launch Pad, and will automatically begin to fill the ship with the supplied fuel when powered.

Rocket launch pads are consumed on the launch of a ship, however can be found in the chest parachuting from the moon or in the landing vehicle of the moon.

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