{{#vardefine:mod|Modular Powersuits}}
Servo Motor
Grid Servo Motor

Servo Motor

Name Servo Motor
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 25031:2
Source Mod {{#var:mod}}

A special type of motor which uses a pulse-modulated signal to enact very precise movements.

The Servo Motor is an item added by Modular Powersuits. To use this item have it in your inventory and access the Power Armor Tinker Table.




Crafting GUI.png



Iron Ingot


Servo Motor


Thermal ExpansionEdit


The GregTech recipe above has been tested and working on FTB Ultimate Pack 1.1.2 using MCPC+ with the GregRecipies plugin fix from cjm721. The plugin information page can be found here. This recipe did not work in a project table, but did work with a vanilla crafting table. Brass ingot is item id 21256:25. Did not work with the other type.

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