The Space Station is a shelter orbiting the overworld. It comes with a room, a rocket launch pad and a chest. There is also a blue spawner block in the center of the first room. This block cannot be destroyed in survival mode and should not be destroyed unless planning on creating another safe spawn location. Every time a rocket lands at a space station a new chest apears atop the old one(s).


/ssi​nvite <playername>

To invite a friend on your Space Station (does not work at this time 08.11.2013)Edit

This bug still in effect !

Using 1.6.4 building a spacestation with quartz blocks will not work!

NOTE : The button to create a space station will not appear in the same area as the moon or earth (the list in the center) it will appear on the top center of the dimension screen. after the station is created it will appear under the moon on the center list and you can rename the station at will


  • There is a daytime cycle like the overworld, but the sun and moon are within view for much longer.
  • The moon and sun are enlarged, and the sun is at its darkest tone
  • There is a large view of the overworld with a strong resemblance to earth's western hemisphere. (likely in reference to how the United States was the first to reach the moon)

Necessary items required.Edit

To build a space station requires you need 16 steel Ingots, 24 iron Ingots, and 32 tin Ingots.

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