Sulphur 1

Sulfur X8 Coal/Charcoal X1


Sulphur is mined from around pools or running Lava usually found quite deep underground. You should however be aware that there are two different Suplhur blocks that can be mined. (The texture's are very slighly different)

This can be a pain as some recipes need a certain "type" of Sulphur.

Sulfur 2

Saltpeter X2 Sulfur X1 Charcoal dust X1

Sulfur 4

sulfur X1 Spikes X1 = Flammable Spikes

Sulfur 3

Sulfur X7 TNT X1 Lava Bucket X1 = Incendiary Explosives

Sulfur is mined from Sulfur Ore and is dropped in groups of 2-5