This article is a fan-made tutorial.
Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

OK, the basics

  1. You absolutly need a cow or sheep farm for all your leather and wool to insulate your wires. No one likes being zapped.
  2. Find lava! This is critical and makes the game so much easier. You can use it for infinite power by placing a heat generator above it.
  3. Get redstone to make enriched alloys and make a metalurgic infuser you can start producing steel. Redstone will be able to power the machine until you can build other sources of energy.
  4. Mine lots of coal and sulphur. This will give you something to start your first arsenal of munitions. You can combine coal and sulphur to make gunpowder rather than risking your life hunting creepers.
  5. Make a wheat farm for the cows and sheep. I know it seems redundant but you wouldn't belive how many people don't make one for the animals.
  6. DO NOT get energy storage early on! You don't need it unless your using coal power to start.
  7. The first basic machines you want are the Metallurgic Infuser, Enrichment Chamber, and Crusher.

If you can think of any more please add to this list C-

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