Tunnel bore heads are like the pickaxes of the Tunnel Bore added by the Railcraft mod. There are 3 different bore heads: Iron, Steel and Diamond. They are crafted with 8 steel ingots from RailCraft on the outside and then the correct ore block in the middle.


Iron Bore HeadEdit

The simplest bore head. In a perfect sized tunnel, it will dig 160 block long tunnel and 1500 blocks in total.

Bore head 3
  • 8 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Iron Block

Steel Bore HeadEdit

It is the second tier and can break 3000 blocks (double the iron head). It's tunnel will be over 330 blocks long. 

Bore head 2
  • 8 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Block of Steel (from RailCraft)

Diamond Bore HeadEdit

It is in first place with the ability to break up to 6000 blocks and make a tunnel over 660 blocks long. It is the only bore head that can mine obsidian.

  • 8 Steel Ingots
    Bore head 1
  • 1 Block of Diamond