A Turret Platform is necessary for automated turret emplacements such as the Gun Turret to function. Used as the base of a turret, this block is required for turrets on top of it to work properly. It can only be powered through the platform.

Four different types of turret can be mounted on top of the platform, which will affect the type of ammunition and upgrades used. All platforms need power.

It can only be destroyed while it either has a Gun Turret placed on it; use the "terminal" option of the turret GUI and type either: "destroy" or "destroy turret" depending on which piece of the turret you want to destroy. To see a full list of the commands for the turret terminal, type "help" into the turret terminal and a list of commands will appear.


Crafting GUI.png

Steel Plate


Steel Plate


Control Circuit


Steel Plate


Steel Plate

Turret Platform

Terminal CommandsEdit

  • Add <player name> - add a player as a user - this will prevent them being shot, and give them basic access
  • Remove <player name> - removes player from the system - they will be shot at
Note: You will not be able to remove users that are the same level as you
  • Promote <player name>
  • Demote <player name>
You can also promote and demote users to give different layers of access
  • Destroy - Disassembles the assembly - the turret and platform will turn into item form
  • Destroy Turret - Disassembles the assembly - allows the turret to be removed and swapped for another one
  • Help - Lists all viable commands

See alsoEdit

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