Alright soldiers, I'm going to teach you how to be ahead of the game and you shall emerge victorious or you shall die trying.

Getting Starting C-Edit

Now you need to secure some cows and get a wheat farm started and grow your cow army. This is an important step this Cow army will be with you the rest of the game providing leather and meat. Now time to get some steel there are two ways to do this. 1: Go railcraft style and use a blast furnace. 2: Since its your first time redstone can power machines so you can use that for your first few steel in the infuser. After you got the idea and if you can mine obsidian, get a platium compresser and put it to use making some obsidian armor and tools that are better than diamond.

The Big StuffEdit

Now, I know what you're thinking you want that swanky fusion reactor right. Well you should really ponder if its worth it, because let me tell ya, I don't have one yet and I'm making antimatter. That's right, I have only ever used one very cheap generator in Voltz it needs no prodding, no fuel or can only work half the day. All it needs is a little lava under it and it will go on forever. The heat generator is an effective generator that will work with out ever quitting and not even your fusion reator can say that. Getting past uranium is hard, and to do it  I suggest blast mining with all the wonders of the ICBM mod; carve out large areas and take everything, all scorched earth-like. Once you have it make that antimatter away but don't pust it after all your storage instead try to make it so that your output (What you generate) is higher than its input. If you do that then your golden and the thing will work forever. I also did the tutorial for pvp war not tactics but I sound a lot different in that one but both past me and present me agree on one thing, that I am wildly unqualified and you shouldn't listen to anything I say.

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