Making an Automated Sorting MachineEdit

The first step is to gather all the materials needed.

You will need:

11 x Conveyor Belts

4  x Manipulators

2  x Crates

2  x Rejectors

1  x Armbot

14 x Wiring

2  x Chests

Placement of ItemsEdit

2013-02-09 17.51.46

Layout of Sorting Machine

It is a 7x8x3 ( Including wires underneath the Conveyor belts and Armbot and the Rejectors )

Programming of the ArmbotEdit

With the robot facing South ( Down on the Minimap ). Place this code into an Encoder with a Disk in it.

Where Item = The ID of your item to go in the right Crate.







Imprinting RejectorsEdit

Next you need to make 2 Imprinting Codes. One to reject the Stuff on the left and another to reject the stuff on the right. The Right Rejector will reject stuff to go into the Left Crate whereas the Rejector on the left will put the other item into a relay until it is picked up by the Armbot.

Finished productEdit

thumb|left|400px|Layout of Sorting Machine
Voltz Assembly Line Automated Sorter00:00

Voltz Assembly Line Automated Sorter


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