If you have been playing Voltz for a few days or hours, this could help you plan for the future.

I have developed a form of transportation that is faster than minecarts or sprinting.

Materials NeededEdit

You will need

  • a missile module
  • 2 cruise launchers
  • a bucket
  • a water source nearby
  • 2 ''''pressure plates
  • a radar gun

'*'2 full batteries


Dig a 3x3 hole in the ground that is 1 block deep. Put your block on the bottom and sides of the hole, then fill the hole with water. Make a wall on the edge of the pool that is 1 block thick, 3 blocks wide, and 3 blocks high. Save the middle blocks cordinates with a radar gun. Place the cruise launcher some way away and plug in the coordinates. Then load the launcher with a missle module and insert a battery. Place a pressure plate on the side you want to board from in between the support legs. to use step on the pressure plate and right click on the missile module quickly to ride it. if it is set up right you should have your missile module fall into the pool after you hit the wall. do the same thing on the opposite side. so, on the side where the pool is set up the launcher, and on the side with the launcher set up the pool. I hope this tutorial is of use to you. below is a link to the main tutorial page.

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