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Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

Voltz is a very elaborate modpack, and with so many mods and different mechanics this pack adds, it helps to have some guidance from expereienced players. This page is a list of all tutorials found through the wiki. For more information on each individual mod, please visit their own wikis.


Tutorial:Adv Stuff

Tutorial: ICBM transportation system

Electricity TutorialsEdit

Smicism's tutorial on how to use and integrate basic power in Voltz:

Voltz Tutorial Basic Electricty-013:07

Voltz Tutorial Basic Electricty-0

Smicism's tutorial on basic electricity in Voltz

Smicism's tutorial on advanced electricity features (aka electric expansion):

Voltz Tutorial Advanced Electricity Electric Expansion16:13

Voltz Tutorial Advanced Electricity Electric Expansion

Smicism's advanced Electricity Tutorial

Atomic Science TutorialsEdit

Smicism's tutorial on Particle Accelerators:

Voltz Tutorial Particle Accelerator10:28

Voltz Tutorial Particle Accelerator

Smicism's tutorial on Strange Matter Generation:

Voltz Tutorial Strange Matter Generator06:19

Voltz Tutorial Strange Matter Generator

ICBM TutorialsEdit

iPodMail's Spotlight/Tutorial On ICBMEdit

Minecraft Mods Episode 768 ICBM iPodmail 1.415:33

Minecraft Mods Episode 768 ICBM iPodmail 1.4.5

iPodMail's Spotlight/Tutorial On ICBM

direwolf20's Showcase/Tutorial On ICBMEdit

Mod Spotlight - ICBM26:37

Mod Spotlight - ICBM

direwolf20's Showcase/Tutorial On ICBM

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