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Typical uranium ore is found deep underground (Layer 20 and below), there are about four blocks per chunk. It can be mined with an iron pickaxe or higher. Refined uranium can be obtained by putting a uranium ore in a chemical extractor with water, it will then turn into 3 yellow cake(it gives you 3 if you put 1 uranium in at a time and 1 if not). you then take the yellow cake and put it in a nuclear boiler with a centrifuge in an adjacent block. when the nuclear boiler refines one yellow cake it turns into .4 dM^3 of hexafloride which is automatically transferred to the centrifuge which refines .2 dM^3 to make either 1 breeding or 1 refined uranium, breeding being the more common of the two. Both the chemical extractor and the nuclear boiler need water and all three machines need power, provided by an energy cube or battery box.

2012-12-26 21.09.24

A Uranium Ore

2012-12-26 21.23.04

A Refined Uranium

anding near, uncovering or picking up uranium ore give a chance to become iradiated (recieve radiation poisoning). Uncovering uranium by mining a block between it and yourself releases a radiation cloud which which gives a chance to immediately irradiate you if you if you are not wearing a Hazmat Suit. Having it in your inventory or placing it yourself does not allow this effect. </p>

in the 1.0.11 build Uranium does not spawn naturally in the world. However the 1.0.12 build seems to rectify this problem.

Also, in build 1.0.11 and higher (also may be in other builds) it is called uraninite.

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