Uranium Hexafluoride
Uranium Hexafluoride
Type Gas
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 14034
Mod Included Atomic Science

Uranium Hexafloride is a gas produced by boiling Uranium Ore.


Feeding Uranium Ore into a powered Nuclear Boiler with sufficient water will produce Uranium Hexafloride: a gas which can be piped into a Centrifuge, either by placing the two machines next to each other, or with a pipe. Once fed into a Centrifuge it is converted into Uranium-235 or Uranium-238. It cannot normally be interacted with and cannot be placed if given to a player.

Uranium Hexafluoride cannot be transported through Pressurized Tube, requiring the Nuclear Boiler and Centrifuge to be placed next to each other.

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