This article is a fan-made tutorial written by Rinzler135.
Please note that it may not be accurate any more.

This guide indicates what I do when I start a new (survival) world, or join a server. It may not work for everyone.

Getting started

This is very similar to how to survive your first night in Vanilla Minecraft. 1) Find osmium. This ore is found throughout the world, often in caves, only requires a low level pick to mine, and creates fairly decent tools and weapons. 2) Make a paxel. I just do this because I am lazy and cannot be bothered to flip between different tools for different materials. 3) Make armour + sword out of stone, iron or osmium

Early Days

What I do to get started, in no particular order - Get a coal generator - good for starting out

- battery box to make sure you don't waste coal

- enrichment chamber - this will double the amount of ore you get

- tons of copper wire - very important

- build a macerator, basic factory and crusher

- begin constructing power armour parts

- build some basic defenses such as chemical mines and gun turrets

More advanced

- upgrade machinery to purification chamber, elite factory and put speed modules in all machines

- acquire heat generators, electrolysis machines, hydrogen generators and pumps for infinite power

- Think about building a nuclear reactor of some sort

- Begin basic force field + anti-ballistic missile protection system (mainly applicable to servers)

- Add modules onto power suit, start upgrading protection

- Build atomic disassembler

More coming

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